5 Things You Should Never Let Anywhere Near Your Male Organ

  • There are many risks associated with the process of achieving the “Perfect Penis”
  • Procedures don’t need to be severe to have damage. Sometime simple things can result to negative side effects as well

In hopes to becoming the most attractive man, some are willing to take the risk and follow trends just to have the “Penis Perfection” they are aiming for.

So here are some things you shouldn’t put anywhere near your genitals because they could have very dangerous consequences.

1. Pearls

Pearling is a form of body modification to create an orgasmic experience. It is said to boost sexual pleasure for the female partner as a sphere stimulates the clitoris during the intercourse.

The task involves the manhood being cut open, then an object will be placed inside, before stitching it up again. This procedure is more dangerous than everyone thinks as it can cause many risks associated with the surgery.

Not only can it cause a number of infections, it can also damage the urethra and heighten the chances of erectile dysfunction.

2. Tattoos

Some of you may want to look more badass by putting tattoos in your junks, but this can have some unfortunate side effects.

Like any other part of the body, inking may cause infection and skin damage. You can also be in the risk of getting priaprism, a condition wherein the blood fails to exit the penis, causing it to be painfully erect for a long amount of time.

If you’re really interested on getting a tattoo down there, better get a person qualified with plenty of experience. Also make sure to contact your local GP in case you experience any side effects.

3. Whitening Treatment

It is normal for both men and women to have their genitals darker than the rest of their body.

Some people are self conscious with the color of their manhood, resulting on them getting whitening treatment for it.

However, many health experts have spoken against the tradition saying that it can cause scarring, inflammation, infection and spots. While the risks are not that major compared to the others mentioned, it’s still best to avoid the practice.

4. Hair Removal Cream

Some men are braving the Brazilian!

While it’s fine doing it with the rest of your body, it’s still not the best to use it in your intimate areas as it is strong enough not just to break thick body hair, but also sensitive areas of the skin.

It’s better to avoid burning your genitals while having the protection that your hair has to offer.

5. Your Laptop

Sometimes you don’t need crazy procedures to put your penis to risk. It can be as simple as using your laptop, for example.

It is a known warning not to put your laptop in the crotch area for long periods of time. Experts believe that this electromagnetic radiation and heat can be damaging to the penis, causing ED.

A study from the State University of New York put the theory to test and the results proved that the devices do have an effect to the genital temperatures.

While more research are being done to this issue, it’s best to play it safe altogether.

Written by Jacks

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