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Former award-winning child star Boy Alano’s whereabouts

  • Former child star Boy Alano was revealed to have lived in a vacant lot on Sampaloc, Manila, decades after his peak in the film industry
  • He now lives with his niece in Calamba, Laguna

Have you ever wondered where former child actor Boy Alano is now?

In one episode of Julius Babao’s Mission Impossible, he had the chance to talk to the now 77-year-old man who starred in several movies alongside Tessie Agana under Sampaguita Pictures. He was well known during his generation as he won the award for Best Child Actor at the 5th Asian Filmfest.

He starred at movies such as Roberta (1951), El Indio (1953), Batang Bangkusay (1957), and Sa Bilis Na Walang Kaparis (1964).

After a few years, Tessie migrated to the US and started a family with her doctor-husband, but her co-star’s life didn’t turn out to be extraordinary.

Boy Alano was discovered to be living in a vacant lot in Sampaloc, Manila. According to the former actor, even though the place has a lot of mosquitoes and flies, it was bearable.

Alano didn’t learn how to save up, but he didn’t have any problems with his food since a few friends give him meals to eat. He never asked them for anything and if he had P20 left in his possession, that will be his budget throughout the day.

He admitted that during his career in the entertainment industry, there came a time that he didn’t have any projects and had multiple relationships. He had children but didn’t get to witness them grow up.

“Dumating kasi ang panahon na nawalan ako ng pelikula.

Ilang beses din akong nagkaroon ng iba’t-ibang karelasyon. At may mga anak ako sa kanila. Kapag nagkaroon kami ng di pagka-kaunawaan ng asawa ko, sa halip na makipag-away, umaalis na lang ako kaya hindi ko nakitang lumaki ang aking mga anak.”

The former actor also admitted to being an alcoholic.

“Ang isa pang malaking pagkakamali ko ay natuto akong uminom ng alak… yon ang naging bisyo ko kapag nalulungkot ako.”

After the airing of the episode, a few relatives have reached out including his daughter, Jocelyn Alano. He now lives with his niece, Cecille, in her home in Calamba, Laguna.

Boy Alano stated that if he was given another chance, he still wants to go back to the showbiz industry.

Written by J M

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