Study says that bad bosses are the major source of stress at work

  • A group of researchers found out that a bad boss can be as harmful to employees as passive smoking.
  • 57% of stressed employees refuse to leave their job despite being unhappy.

75% of Americans say that their bosses are a major cause of stress at work. According to an article published by Quartz magazine, a bad boss can be as harmful to employees as smoking.

It also states that the longer you stay in a job wherein you’re working for someone who stresses you, the bigger the damage is to your physical and mental health.

Data from the American Psychology Association shows that even if 75% of workers believe that their bosses are a major cause of stress at work, 57% of them would not leave the job. Statistics show that employees just get used to their jobs despite the fact that they are unhappy.

The situation further complicates their process of resignation as they are no longer motivated to search for a healthier working environment which will eventually improve their current situation.

A group of researchers at Harvard Business School and Stanford University in the United States gathered data from over 200 studies and found out that the stress garnered from work can be as harmful as the exposure to on amount of smoke from other people’s cigarettes. It also says that the main reason for stress at work for most employees is the risk of actually losing their jobs.

As a result, chances are that they are 50% more prone to health problems than their colleagues.

The employees in a demanding job are expected to deliver more than they can give and this increases the chances of health problems by 35%.

So how do you identify a ‘bad boys’? It says that bad bosses often say phrases like “We’ve always done it like”, “You can count yourself lucky to even have a job” and “This place is a mess when I’m not around.”

Written by J M

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