EXpert Kris Aquino gives advice on handling former lovers

  • “Queen of all Media” Kris Aquino gave tips on how to deal with EXes
  • Kris shared her sentiments regarding former lovers

It’s true what they say that breaking up is a hard thing to do. After the heartache comes moving on, which is another struggle of its own, that indeed has no shortcut to. Each and every one of us may have already gone through failed relationships and we all have something to say about them, right? Maybe one life lesson or two.

Aside from being the “Queen” in entertainment media, Kris Aquino also discreetly sidelines as a love guru. It’s no secret that she’s been to a handful of relationships in her life and out of all the people like her, she sure knows the right words to say about love life.

During her press conference with mobile network provider Smart, Kris shared what she picked up while on the way to moving on from previous lovers.

Should you give your ex a chance?

“Ang dami talagang no, never, not again, enough. Kaya nga siya ex,” Kris started.

According to her, never go back to an ex who told you’re a girl that’s “high maintenance,” because that’s utter BS. Kris explained that boys should learn how to put effort on pursuing girls.

How should you look when you meet up with your ex?

Be at your best. Show him/her what they missed out on or what they gave up for!

Kris believes that, “Make sure kulot ang buhok para magregret si ex.”

What can you do for your ex?

“Depends on how you broke up. I think if it’s a bitter break up, then that ex should remain an ex.”

Not all failed relationships end on a bad note. There are situations that lovers mutually decide to end it as it no longer works and there are some that had bad roots.

It’s the history that links two people together even though their no longer romantically involved. If the ex remains good to you, Kris advise that you shouldn’t hold anything against each other.

At the last part, the 46-year-old budding love guru tells us that giving your ex a chance to connect with you again is not a bad idea at all. She stands by the mantra that one should go try chances even though it has risks. After all, the regret of not trying is the hardest to get over.

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