7 Toxic People You Have To Say Goodbye To This 2018

7 Toxic People You Have To Say Goodbye To This 2018

  • A new year calls for a fresh start and it’s time to cut people in your life
  • Toxic people are the ones you shouldn’t keep this 2018

Whenever we face a new year, most of us come up with resolutions and a set of goals to reach. It may include working out, a diet, an academic achievement, a career turn, or something personal. All of these have one thing in common: they are aiming to make you transform into a better version of yourself.


Let’s face it: not all the people we know in our life are pleasant and necessary. It might hurt to even think that we’re talking about a friend, a lover, or a family member. But the truth hurts and it’s now 2018, the beginning of another shot in life in which we should take really seriously.

In light of this, we have created a list for you. A list of the toxic people you have to get rid of this year in order to bring back harmony in your life. They will look and sound really familiar to you so don’t be surprised if a name instantly pops into your head!

1. The Negative One

These are the type of people who seem to have a problem with joy, hope, and chances. Why? Because they always want to think the other way around it. Instead of cheering you up when feeling down, they will bring you even more down with their skeptical ideas and pessimist character.

For them, comforting you will be of no help because nothing will ever be enough. They always manage to see storm clouds even at the sunniest skies!

Don’t let these people slow you down with their heavy presence and faux concern. Most of them do not actually want what’s best for you, they might even expect the worst to happen as we speak.

2. The Inconsiderate Boss

If your workplace is not healthy, start looking for a better one. I’m telling you, toxic workmates are a big hindrance to being productive in your job. Your boss should be the one encouraging his people not exhausting them and giving them least the credit. Are you seeing yourself in this situation? It’s time to write that resignation letter.

There are different types of bosses in this world, but based on a lot of stories, they are really a pain in the ass for the employees. If your boss keeps on piling up work for you with an unpleasant attitude, you have got to leave his door.

Just think of the plenty other bosses out there who’s willing not just to pay you right, but treat you well too.

3. The User

Users are there to manipulate you. They will try to control you with their hands by taking up your time, energy, and resources and making them in favor of theirs. They do not have any consideration and most of them feel entitled to use people because they’re rich or good-looking.

Now, you might find them hard to lose, just remember that you don’t have benefits. Being with them is one-sided, you get nothing and you slowly lose what’s supposed to be just yours.

4. The Dysfunctional Relative

We all have that family member we wish we don’t. Yes, we love them and the truth is, we care for them so much that we are bothered by their actions. Once a loved one got involved in a bad situation, an addiction or unemployment, we try our best to motivate them to fix things.

However, there are stubborn ones. They choose to be unstable because they feel that there’s nothing that would improve their life. As a result, understanding family members tend to pick up the pieces for them and end up being abused.

If you feel like these people are being too much of a baby even if they’re grown-ups, it’s time to let them be on their feet.

5. The Friend That Got Away

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You know this one. They’re only here when they need something from you. When you’re the one whose life is about to go down, they’re nowhere to be found. These friends don’t deserve your care and effort because they can’t even return the favor.

Although you wish your friendship could last forever, it’s acceptable if it doesn’t. In reality, many really won’t. I’m sure you will earn other friends this year or in the future, don’t get bummed by losing people who aren’t healthy for you.

6. The Scorekeeper

They know your mistakes, they know if you’ve been naughty or nice. How? Because they’re obsessed with people’s misfortunes because they want to feel better about their own. They tend to keep track of certain circumstances in your life and you will be surprised at how much they know!

Moreover, in the long run, these people turn their information about you as leverages in the future. Not for your benefit!

7. The Critic

Through his/her eyes, you’re never going to be better. They know this because they think too high about themselves when in reality, they are really insecure about people like you. There are times when you will be so annoyed because they always seem to point out the slightest bad detail about your dress, your essay, or your relationship.

Do not feel bad about yourselves because these people just got so low of self-esteem that they want to project their frustrations at you.

2018 is the year you should choose to value yourself and bidding farewell to these people might just be the stepping stone to a more peaceful life! Remember, you have nothing to lose but more to gain.

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