10 Celebrities Who Are Actually Banned From Other Countries

  • Celebrities who got banned from foreign countries
  • Celebs who had a bad name in other countries

Uh-oh, it looks like these celebrities can’t use their fame to set  foot on some certain countries.

Banned Celebrities from foreign countries

Well, some of the personalities included in the list might shock you, but yes. They really are banned from going in and/or performing to a specific country. We’ll provide you with all the information you need, absolutely.

1. Chris Brown (UK and Australia)

Since the news broke out that he is physically abusing Rihanna in 2011, U.K. shut down their gates for the singer. Soon, Australia’s kept it closed to him in 2015.

2. Brad Pitt (China)

Seems like his iconic role in Seven Years in Tibet did not amuse the people of the Republic of China as they banned the actor for the negative portrayal of Communist military officers.

3. Miley Cyrus (China and Dominican Republic)

Due to her ‘acts against morals and customs’ during her, err… Wrecking Ball days, her name was blacklisted in the Dominican Republic since 2014.

4. Lady Gaga (Indonesia)

Indonesian government decided to banned the influential singer in 2012 because of her ‘revealing outfits’ that somehow insulted the Muslim-centric nation.

5. The Beatles (Philippines)

Even the most loved band of all time has its dark past, am I correct. The Philippine government at the time of 1966 was embarrassed after the band unintentionally turned down the palace’s invitation. So, the banning happened.

6. Paris Hilton (Japan)

The elite kid turned reality star was banned from Japan after the news rose about he dealing with drug charges.

7. Beyonce (Malaysia)

She is set to have a huge concert in Malaysia in 2007 but had to cancel because the Malaysians thought that her dance routines are offensive and provocative.

8. Selena Gomez (Russia)

Her Russian visa was denied after her stance on gay rights. Yup, it is what is.

9. Justin Bieber (Argentina)

The pop singer has reportedly assaulted a photographer in Argentina and was accused of disrespecting the country’s flag. Poor Justin.

10. Kesha (Malaysia)

TMZ reported that Kesha was denied by Malaysia right before her tour because she disrespected the country’s strict religious beliefs.

Written by Denis Santos

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