The story behind the ‘fallen’ car in front of a mall, revealed

The story behind the ‘fallen’ car in front of a mall, revealed

  • Story about the fallen car in front of a mall is finally revealed
  • Woman commits suicide, rams into 5th level parking lot

Everyone was taken aback when news about a car that fell from a mall’s 5th level parking lot broke online. Many speculations and assumptions were reported, but this is what really happened that time.

A sad story

A certain Mau Andres broke her silence by posting what was the story behind the incident that cost a woman’s life at Vertex one in front of SM San Lazaro. The post started dropping the bomb of reality.

“Walang issue sa sasakyan. Hindi mali ang natapakan. The girl committed suicide because her heartless boyfriend provoked her,
Andres said.

As recovered from the woman’s Facebook status, it showed that she’s undergoing a depression. According to Andres, it was because her boyfriend cheated on her.

An alleged Sean Tsui was brought up to the issue as he tried to dump the still unnamed woman. The woman and Tsui were working at the same BPO company with the ‘third party’. No further reports were tallied about the issue.

Important lesson

Andres also shared her sentiments regarding the issue, slamming those who reacted violently against the woman’s decision to involve the car with her suicide.

It is recalled that the reactions were negative when the woman decided to kill herself by ramping her car, not considering the welfare of those who are around the area.

“Oo, tama na sana hindi nalang sana niya dinamay yung sasakayan kasi baka mas marami pang nadamay na tao pero she is depress at blanko na utak ng tao kapag nawawala sa sarili. Be sensitive guys, wag na kayong magcomment ng ganyan kasi nangyari na,” Andres expressed.

She also takes on the importance of communication in every relationship.

“Kahit na pinapakita lang nila na ‘okay sila at papatawarin kita dahil mahal kita’ dinaramdam din nila lahat ng kagagaguhan na ginagawa niyo. Kaya kung alam mo ng may ginagawa kang kagagaguhan sa partner mo, wag kang magtaka kung nakikita mo siyang nasasaktan o nahihirapan. Wala kang karaparatang magalit dahil ikaw ang reason kung bakit siya nawawala sa sarili,” she added.

In the end of her post, she expressed her condolences and longingness to ‘Marie’ as she referred to the woman.

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