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10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters Ever

  • Creepypasta is a website essentially for internet horror stories. It may be made up or based on real experiences.
  • Characters from Creepypasta are things or people you don’t wanna see or hear from when you are about to sleep.
  • These characters may be killers, monsters or based on a real-life person.

Jeff the Killer

You may have already seen him on the screen of your phone or your desktop. His face is usually plastered across the screen accompanied by the statement, “Go to sleep.” He doesn’t have any eyelids, has a white face and stares at the camera in a very unsettling manner.

Eyeless Jack

This story is about an anonymous nobody who cuts your body open and eat your kidneys while you sleep. No one knows what his face looks like. The only description given about him is his deep dark empty eye sockets.

The Rake

This is a human-like creature usually crouched at the end of the bed with its back towards you. Its body positioning is disturbing and unnatural. The creature wil scramble up around the side of the bed then attack you, eat your insides while you’re still alive. It is also believed that it visits multiple times while you are asleep before he actually attacks you.

Ticci Toby

This story starts when he meets another Creepypasta character: Slender Man. Tobias Erin “Toby” Rogers grew up in a difficult manner. He had several mental disorders and couldn’t quite fit in properly with others.

When he was seventeen, he and his older sister, Lyra got into a horrific car accident which led to her death. On the night he returned home from the hospital, he saw Slender Man watching him from the street. Toby saw him multiple times that it caused several visual and auditory hallucinations. His mother brought him to a psychiatrist because she thought he may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. The next day, he dreamt of his sister’s corpse.

After that, there were voices in his head commanding him to do something: to kill his father. He stabbed his father in front of his mother. In order to escape the police, he set a neighborhood on fire. He was surrounded by flames and was about to die. He didn’t die, though. He was saved by Slender Man and became a proxy for him.

Smile Dog

A writer went to meet Mary for an interview they had set up fifteen years ago. When they did meet, she locked herself in the bedroom door and started sobbing. Apparently, Mary used to be an administrator for a small Chicago-based Bulletin System when she encountered the file, smile.jpg.

The file was a dog-like creature, similar to  Siberian Husky, in a dim room. The muzzle of the unusual beast is split into an unsettling grin with two rows of very white, very sharp and very human-looking teeth.

Ben Drowned

The story is centered around a Majora’s Mask Cartridge haunted by a ghost named, “Ben.” At times, when you play, it will call you “Link” or sometimes “Ben.” There is going to be a BEN file inside the cartridge and it would seem that the past user had already completed the game. When you select it, you will see Link’s distorted and unnatural body, greeting you. His abnormally dull and monotonous look is almost as if he’s dead.

Laughing Jack

He is a psychotic monochrome clown who makes people kill their own loved ones especially the children. He befriends a child and usually make them trust him. To the parents, it would seem like a normal imaginary friend. Until one night, it would cut up a body of an animal or a pet and put candies inside of it. Then once the parent is highly alert and paranoid, he will target the child.

James was a child of a normal, happy mother. But she was paranoid after their pet dog, Fido, was cut up in the kitchen and stuffed with candies. One night, she heard a noise and immediately sprung up towards her son. She saw James nailed up on his wall, injured but not dead. She heard a cackle just near James’ body. It was Laughing Jack. When she went and stabbed him, he vanished and the knife pierced her son instead.

Bloody Painter

In this case, bullying is what pushed him to be an insane and deranged psychopath. His name is Helen. Yes, he’s a boy and he has a girl’s name. One girl at school lost her watch and blamed it on Helen. He was drawing when a boy showed up and tore his drawing apart. One day, he met Tom online who told him that he, too, is being bullied and that he knows what Helen must feel like.

When they finally met on a rooftop, Tom admitted that he was the one who planted the watch in his bag. They fought and unfortunately, Tom fell down to his demise accidentally. Bullying grew worse because people are telling that he killed Tom and he purposefully pushed him off the rooftop. One day, he couldn’t take it anymore, he killed everyone who has ever wronged him.


Brian Thomas was a young man who was immersed himself to sickness, drugs and losing himself. He wears a yellow hoodie, jeans and a pair of converse. His choice of weapon was a gun. His face is black and has two red dots for the eyes and a red line for a frown. He used to be such a happy and normal guy until he encountered Slender Man. He became a drug addict.

Although he started getting better and going back to normal but later becoming a proxy for Slender Man, killing tons of people together with Ticci Boy.

Slender Man

Slender Man is an alleged paranormal figure that is believed to have existed for centuries. He looks like a man with extremely long and slender arms and legs. He also appears to have four to eight long black tentacles that protrude from his back. He wears a black suit and once his arms are outstretched, he could put his victims in a hypnotized state where they are utterly helpless.

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