Woman Goes Frantic, Argues with Ambulance Driver With Dying Patient inside

Woman Goes Frantic, Argues with Ambulance Driver With Dying Patient inside

  • Woman blocks ambulance car with dying patient inside
  • Woman argues ambulance driver for being rude

Isn’t it human instinct to give way to an ambulance? After all, it is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road. We know why.


A viral video is circulating online about a woman who blocked an ambulance with a dying patient inside. Not pleased enough, she argued with the driver after the patient got out of the vehicle.

Also in the video, the woman confronted the driver about what happened hours before the exchange of spicy words. The woman, who is still unnamed, accuses the driver of rudeness.

Understandable, and a little bit common sense. If you have a patient and dying inside your car and someone blocked you on the road, what will you do? The woman did not seem to understand the whole point. The driver had scolded her big time to get out of the driveway as soon as possible because his patient is in critical condition.

Right or wrong

The two exchanged points and arguments, but the driver was the first one to own up his mistakes and apologize for what happened. Still angry, the woman insisted that she was right, saying that “Malay ko ba kung mamamatay na ‘yun.”

Right after uploaded by “FilipiNews” it already has more than a million views. To watch the full clip, see below.

Editor’s Note:

Hi madame, you seemed unaware of the rules and regulations about the road discipline, thus, when there’s an ambulance that is making its way towards you, rushing to get to the hospital to save the life of someone inside, it is prerequisite for any private or public vehicles to give way, this is

1. to save the life of someone dying inside.

2. to save the job of the ambulance driver who is just helping someone to be admitted quickly in the nearest hospital.

Furthermore, you seemed unaware of the idiosyncratic  behavior you’re showing with your reasons that is never valid and won’t be valid whenever there’s life that’s needed saving. Take note, that is not a road rage of some sorts, that is a vehicle that’s carrying someone to live longer.  You are indeed not using your brain, instead you are blaring out words inappropriately. Give way and save lives. 101 lesson for anyone.

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