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Real-life “Kita Kita” couple tugs hearts with their moving love story

  • RG and Jessel Sayson are now dubbed as the real-life “Tonyo” and “Lea”, the endearing characters from the phenomenal hit indie film “Kita Kita”.
  • The couple’s love story just proved that we have to look beyond one’s physical appearance to see their inner beauty.

If you have been charmed by the phenomenal hit indie film “Kita Kita”, you’ll be surprised to learn that the film’s endearing characters “Tonyo” and “Lea” do exist in real life.

Their story is not exactly the same as that of the fictional characters in the unexpected blockbuster movie. RG and Jessel Sayson are living proofs that love is seen not with the eyes but with the heart.

Jessel, a visually-impaired woman born with congenital cataract, met RG back in 2004. Although sparks didn’t fly during their first meeting, the two soon saw something special in each other.

Seeing all the good qualities of Jessel, RG decided to court her. Much like “Tonyo” in Kita Kita, RG treated Jessel like a princess and showed her what real love is. Even if Jessel is unable to see, she discerned RG’s real intentions. The two officially became a couple after three months.

In 2007, the lovebirds were about to exchange “I do’s”, but Jessel suddenly had cold feet.

In her interview with Rated K, Jessel recounted: “Naisip ko, paano kapag nagka-anak kami tapos nagaan sa akin yung anak namin. Mamahalin pa ba niya ako, talaga?”

Fortunately, the two were able surpassed the challenges and eventually got married that same year. Now ten years hitched, RG and Jessel are just waiting to have children of their own.

Certainly there are a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to love. RG and Jessel just proved that we have to look beyond one’s physical appearance to see their inner beauty.

“Yung physical, mag-fafade yan eh. Mawawala yan, lahat tayo tatanda. Pero kung ano yung kabuuan ng pagkatao ng isang tao, yung kanyang character, yung kanyang ugali, yun hanggang pangmatagalan talaga,” RG said.

“Wag kayo magconcentrate lang sa itsura. Wala naman masama doon. Alagaan mo yang sarili mo, mahalin mo yung sarili mo dahil isang araw hindi malayo na pwedeng may magmahal sayo at magtrato sayo na parang princess,” Jessel shared.

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