Netizen Expresses Outrage After Policemen Shot A Soldier Thinking He Was A Member of ISIS

  • Policemen shot innocent soldier to death.
  • Soldier died in the hands of people in authority.

They say innocence is a bliss, and that it never kills. What happened to this fallen soldier, he got killed by the men in authority?

Soldier down

Rodilo Torres Bartolome was killed by a group of policemen after being suspected as an ISIS member. But 33-year-old was indeed a soldier. He was on his way home after being destined in Marawi City for three straight months.

According to Sirwen Jesuitas, a Navy officer, Bartolome was excited to go home to see his family until he got ambushed by authorities and was shot several times.

“Kapag ba mahaba ang buhok at walang ahit, masamang tao na? Kapag ba hindi maayos ang damit, sako ang sisidlan ng gamit at naka tsinelas, masamang tao at ka hina-hinala na?” he asked in his post.

His post garnered 10,000 likes and has been shared 8,200 times. The situation was brought to the authorities, and the judgment is yet to be determined.

This type of injustices has no place on Earth. And authorities who were responsible for this must pay the price  for killing an innocent man. Now, we challenge our government to take action on this ASAP!  Let justice be served to the family of Bart as they deserved to have it more than anyone else’s.


Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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