Joshua Garcia Admits He Is Still Courting Julia Barretto

  • Joshua Garcia is still courting Julia Barretto
  • Love You To The Stars and Back is ready to hit the box office

The promising tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto returns to the big screen in Star Cinema’s latest offering Love You To The Stars And Back.


joshua is still courting julia

After hitting the box office in last year’s MMFF with Vince, Kath, and James and a tear-jerking MMK episode, #JoshLia is on its way to captivate more hearts in this much-awaited film. Directed and co-written of the country’s blockbuster hugot director Antoinette Jadaone, LYSB is ready to be the new RomCom Movie of the Year.

Meanwhile, the story revolves around a socially awkward girl Mika who believe in aliens and a good-humored boy, Caloy. The two met in an awkward situation that led to their ultimate road trip of a lifetime. The trip was filled with adventures and adversities, but despite of it all, they found comfort and security in each other’s company.

joshua is still courting julia

In the middle of the film, Mika will found out Caloy’s disease. From there, the adventure will continue but this time with pain and misery. Hang on, we are not giving you spoilers. Watch it so you would know.

#JoshLia for real?

joshua is still courting julia

In the recent presscon of the movie, Joshua and Julia were both grilled as to what their real relationship status is. Being the gentleman that he is, Joshua is firm to say that he is, in fact, still courting the lovely young Barretto.

“Sa ngayon, nanliligaw pa rin. Kasi mahaba pa yung itatakbo ng friendship namin at importante dun na mas makilala namin yung isa’t isa,” Joshua clears issues.

Love You To The Stars And Back is under Star Cinema and will premiere on August 30! A week left, and we can now watch the story of Mika and Caloy.

You can watch the full trailer here.

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