LOOK: Foreigner’s tattoo gone wrong

  • Tattoo Artist Inks Tagalog Cuss Words on this Foreigner’s Body
  • Netizens react on foreigner’s malicious tattoo
  • Malicious words inked on foreigner’s skin as a revenge

We always compare the treatment of foreign countries to us and how foreigners are treated here. If abroad, Filipinos are abused and maltreated, here, foreigners are being made fun of.

There’s a lot of moments when Filipinos mock the foreigners, they laugh at them, they talk gibberish in their language. A lot. A lot of ridiculous things are done to the foreigners.

Below the belt

Foreigner Tattoo Gone Wrong

But this time, it went overboard. The internet is once #shookt after these photos of foreigners went viral online. What is seen in the photo is a series of tattoo pertaining to foul tagalog words.

It was surely funny at first, but when you think ahead, that anonymous guy will forever be a laughing stock in the Philippines. People at his country might not understand it, but the people here will laugh at him.

Malibog. Manyak. Nga-nga. Buang. Makulit. Pasaway. Kantot Tayo.

Foreigner Tattoo Gone Wrong

Ridiculous, right?

Foreigner Tattoo Gone Wrong

Those are some of the words inked on this guy’s body.

You think it’s funny? It’s not. Some netizens express disgust on this issue, and they were right. It’s plain stupid and heartless.

Foreigner Tattoo Gone WrongForeigner Tattoo Gone WrongForeigner Tattoo Gone WrongForeigner Tattoo Gone WrongForeigner Tattoo Gone WrongForeigner Tattoo Gone Wrong

How about you? What do you think of this issue? Share your thoughts with us. (Denis Santos)

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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