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IC Mendoza Remains Mum After Slaying A Kissing Scandal With A Hot Guy

  • IC Mendoza chooses to remain silent about his kissing scandal
  • Unnamed hot guy instantly becomes the talk of the town
  • IC Mendoza in a kissing scandal video

Finally, a spotlight for IC Mendoza! After his recent supporting role in Die Beautiful, he was able to find his own limelight.

Different fashion

IC Mendoza Kissing Scandal
IC Mendoza is known to be the son of Dolly Anne Carvajal [Photo credits:]
It was just a normal hangout at a club when a kissing game started it all. Mendoza, known for being a TV host, columnist, athlete, PR guy, and what not, did not expect to attract people’s attention in a different matter. We have seen him fearless when it comes to his principles and juicy chismis, but he never publicized his own private life.

He doesn’t make a roaring sound in the industry, but who would have taught that what he did will not only make everyone roar but also growl! With the unnamed hot guy he met at the bar, he really did not expect to be viral like this. Somehow, we see IC as conservative despite being in the third sex.

Today, he was able to loosen up some nerves and showed some, you know, flirtatious skills.

In the video

IC Mendoza Kissing Scandal IC Mendoza Kissing Scandal

There were two installments of the incident originally posted by Hugot Beki on Facebook. On the first video, it is seen that IC’s friends were teasing the two to show them some smooching. The guy was hesitant at first, but because of IC’s undeniable charm, he gave in and give the latter a quick peck.

The post received a whopping 2,245 shares and has more than 4,400 reactions already. The second video is more intense, as it was initiated now by the guy and a lot deeper than the first one. Some reacted violently, but some noticed the kilig all throughout the video.

Despite the attention IC has been getting these past few days, he chose to remain silent about the issue. For you guys, what should IC do? Was it right to keep mum in spite of this heated situation? Let us know!

Written by Denis Santos

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