HEARTBREAKING! This Fallen Soldier’s Last Post is Dedicated to His Mom

HEARTBREAKING! This Fallen Soldier’s Last Post is Dedicated to His Mom

  • A brave soldier who was one of the fallen fighters was able to post a last message on their Facebook account.
  • Marvin Russell Gomez added his picture while wearing a uniform with a message for his mother.
  • Little did his family know that it will be their loved one’s last post.

The country has been fighting a battle recently against the Islamic militants.


A lot of establishments and residences were destroyed due to the horrendous war – which had caused the locals to evacuate to a safer place, leaving their properties behind.

Until today, the soldiers have been doing all means to get rid of the enemies and regain the safety and peace inside Marawi, just like how it used to be. The opponents were quite tough, but the warriors are making extra efforts to defeat them.

However, although the number of the opponents is decreasing, some of the country’s combatants had to sacrifice their own lives to fulfill the oath that they had sworn to. It is indeed a heartbreaking news for the soldiers’ families as they somewhat knew that death is one of the possibilities a soldier can come across to.

One of the warriors who fought a good fight is Private First Class Marvin Russell Gomez, PN (Marine). He came from General Santos City and was a member of the MBLT 7 Striking Battalion in the Philippine Navy (Marines).

According to his family, Gomez was a responsible son to his parents and loving brother to his siblings.

Gomez was able to make one last post on his social media account dated May 27th, two weeks before he died.

He was beaming and even posed with a thumbs-up sign.

Moreover, Gomez included a caption saying, “Pra sayu nanay kc alam kung miss muna ako ok Lng Ako ok kaayu.”

Translation: “This is for you, mom, because I know you miss me. I’m okay.”

A friend agreed that his mother misses him so much, which Gomez replied with: “May sinumpaan po kc Ako” referring to his duty to the country.

According to the source, his remains were flown to Villamor Airbase last Sunday. Also, Gomez was given full military honors on the next day at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

Meanwhile, the netizens expressed their sympathy to the family and gave their condolences to his loved ones. Also, they thanked Gomez for fighting for the country until the very end.

Indeed, being a soldier is one of the extremely dangerous professions in the world. Whenever a soldier is on a battlefield, his life is always on the line. One mistake and the warrior will die.

Gomez’ life will definitely be meaningful as he died with dignity. He died protecting the people of the country even when he doesn’t know every single Filipino in the country.

He will always be remembered as a brave hero.

What are your thoughts on this matter? What would you have said to him if you were given the chance to talk to him before he died?

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