Grieving Mother Calls for Justice after Her Doctor Allegedly Failed to Perform His Duty Appropriately

  • A netizen named Khim Vedaña is on the stage of grieving after losing her child in the hands of her own doctor.
  • Vedaña pleaded her doctor to perform caesarian operation on her, which no one paid attention to.

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can ever go through.

It is a wonderful moment wherein they finally meet the little bundle of joy that mothers carried inside their tummy for nine whole months.

Aside from its beauty, giving birth is extremely painful as well. For someone who is in the process of labor, they go through an excruciating pain just to be able to deliver their child into the world. A lot of mothers succeed in this matter, but there are also a few who are unfortunate to lose their beloved angel just after they are brought into the world.

One of the mothers who lost their child after giving birth is Khim Vedaña.

Vedaña shared her heartbreaking story on her Facebook account along with her call for the justice that she and her child deserved.

Hindi Kopo Ito Pinost Sa Social Media Para Mag Pasikat Lang O Kung Ano Pa Pinost Kopo Ito Para Makahanap Ako Na Makakatulog Samin Lalo Napo Para Saming Dalawa Ng Aking Anak Sa Hustisya Ng Aking Munting Angel Na Si Blake Joseph Sana Po Matulungan Nyopo Ako Para Makahanap Ng Hustisya Para Sa Kanya Paki Share Na Lang Po Maraming Salamat Po.

Pasay City General Hospital
Dr.Alberto Lorenzo Tanyag
Dr.Kristine Susa.

Along with her story, she also included some pictures of her and the baby who had just passed away.

Ako Po Si Christiane Kim Vedaña 19yrs Old Ang Pangalan Ng Aking Munting Angel Ay Si Blake Joseph Sebastian 4.3 Ang Kanyang Laki

Tingnan Nyo Yung Ginawa Nyo Samin Ng Aking Anak Lalong Lalo Kana Dr.Al Tanyag Ginawa Mona Nga Akong Baboy Pinatay Mopo Yung Anak Ko At Kung Hindi Pa Pupunta Ang Pinaka Mataas Na Dr Sa Inyo Papatayin Mopa Ako Sa Kakaere Alam Mona Nga Na Nahihirapan Nako Huminga Pinipilit Mopa Din Akong Enormal Kahit Bumababa Na Oxygen Ko At Kung Ano Ano Pa Ang Iyong Sinasabi Sakin Na (NAPAKA SELFISH MO DIMO MAILABAS ANG ANAK MONG NORMAL,WALA KANG KWENTANG TULUNGAN,KUNG ECCS KITA MAG UWIAN NA LANG TAYO,KUNG IPITIN KO DIN KAYA ANG ULO MO SA BINTI KO PARA MARAMDAMAN MO YUNG SAKIT) yan Ang Pinag Sasabi Mo Sakin Nag Lalabor Pa Lang Ako Hanggang Isalang Nyoko Sinasabi Mo Yan Nahihirapan Nako Huminga At Alam Nyong Nahihirapan Akong Huminga Dahil Tinanong Nyoko Kung May Hika Ako Sabi Ko (Opo Nahihirapan Akong Huminga) Nag Lalabor Pa Lang Ako Nun Nung Tinanong Nyoko Pero Binaliwala Nyo Yun Tignan Mo.”

Vedaña was having a hard time giving birth as her child was too big, and she has asthma as well – which makes the situation more difficult for her.

When she was asked if she has asthma, she thought they would do something about it. But she was wrong.

The doctor proceeded on and didn’t bother to help her in any way possible.

Buti Nakakatulog Kapa Buti Nakakakain Kapa Buti Nakakapag Isip Kapa Dikaba Nakokonsensya Sa Ginawa Nyo Saming Mag Ina Nag Mamakaawa Nako Sa Inyo Na Cs Nyo Na Lang Ako Nag Lalabor Pa Lang Ako Nag Mamakaawa Nako Sa Inyo Tinanong Pa Nga Ako Ni Dr.Kristine (Bakit Kung Eccs Ka May Pera Kabang 5 To 7 Thousands ?) Sabi Ko Opo Meron Po Pinag Handaan Na Yung Pera Kasi Kayo Na Din Nag Sabi Na Kahit Anong Lakad Ko Hindi Na Bubuka Pwerta Ko kaya Nag Handa Na Kami At Sinabi Na Din Ni Dr.Donny Yung Dr.Ko Sa Check Up Na Pwede Kang Ma Cs Tingnan Nyo Alan Nyo Na Cs Ako Pero Pinilit Nyo Pa Ding Enormal Ako Kumpleto Naman Ako Sa Check Up 3Months To 9Months Kompleto Din Ako Sa Laboratory At Ultrasound Ano Pang Kulang Hindi Kayo Tunay Dr. mas Lalong Di Kayo Tunay Na Tao Sa Ginawa Nyo Samin Grabe Kayo Putok Na Panubigan Ko Ano Ano Pa Ang Pinag Sasabi Nyo Sakin Na (nag Kakalat Pako Ng Panubigan Ko)

Vedaña begged the doctor to have her operated on cesarian section, but she was only insulted and asked if she has five to seven thousand to pay for the surgery.

At Pinag Labor Nyo Pako Nang Pag Ka Haba Haba 5 To 6 Hours 4:30 Pumutok Panubigan Ko Sinalang Nyoko 10 Na Tuyot Na Tuyot Yung Baby Ko Sa Loob Ng Tyan Ko Sino Kaya Ang Hindi Mauubusan Ng Oxygen Sa Ulo At Nung Sinalang Nyoko Hindi Pa Nagugupit Yung Pwerta Ka Nag Mamakaawa Nako Na Cs Nyo Na Lang Ako Hinding Hindi Kona Talaga Kaya Mamamatay Nako Hindi Nyo Pa Din Ako Pinansin At Nung Nagupit Na Yung Pwerta Ko Ayaw Talaga Lumabas Ng Bata Sasabihin Mopa Dr.Al Tanyag Na Maliit Lang Ang Bata Maliit Lang Yung Ulo Ng Bata Kayang Kaya Mong Ilabas Tsss 4.3 Po Ang Laki Ng Bata Kung Hindi Ako Nag Kakamali Sa Tingin Moba Mailalabas Ko Ang Baby Ko Ng Ganung Kalaki At Maliit Lang Ang Aking Sipit Sipitan Lahat Na Ginawa Mo Pinilit Mo Yung Gusto Mo Dr.Al Tanyag Naipit Pa Yung Ulo Ng Aking Anak Sa Ginawa Mong Pay Pwersa At Sa Ginawa Mong Pag Sipit Ng Ulo Ng Aking anak Vacuum Nyo Pa At Sabi Nyo Sakin Yung Walang Wala Nako Tirek Na Yung Mga Mata Ko Na Natutulog Lang Ako.”

Moreover, Vedaña was insulted after they told her that she was sleeping only, implying that she isn’t doing anything to get her child out.

P**aaaaa Ako Matutulog Inilalabas Ko Yung Anak Ko Tutulugan Ko Dapat Kung Tutulugan Ko Lang Yung Anak Ko Pinatay Kona Lang Yung Anak Ko Mga Bobo Ba Talaga Kayo Mga Dr Ba Talaga Kayo Ang Sasama Nyong Tao Hindi Dapat Kayo Maging Dr Lalo Kana DR.AL TANYAG Sana Mamatayan Ka Din Ng Anak O Pamilya Para Maramdaman Mo Yung Nararamdaman Ko Ngayon Sobrang Sakin Para Sakin Nito Kung Hindi Ko Man Matupad Sa Aking Anak Yung Kanyang Hustisya Konsensya At Ang Nasa Itaas Na Lang Ang Mag Paparusa Sayo.

Sana Po May Makatulog Po Saming Mag Ina Sana Po Makuha Po Namin Ang Hustisya Ng Aking Anak.
Paki Share Na Lang Po Maraming Maraming Salamat Po

Vedaña is calling for help to get the justice that she and her child deserve. Presently, she is still on the stage of grieving but is also willing to fight for what’s right.

On the other hand, here’s what the people of the internet have to say:

Vedaña’s experience is truly a saddening one. After her constant pleads, her opinions weren’t valued by the ones she entrusted her baby’s life with.

Doctors are the ones who are entrusted with the lives of many people. They are the patient’s hope that whatever illness they are going through will be treated after the doctor applies necessary steps in an operation. A lot of them are successful in saving lives, but what if the irresponsible ones multiply as time passes by?

What are your thoughts about this matter? Share with us!

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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