Why do couples giggle or sneeze after sex?

  • Symptoms like giggling, sneezing, itching or twitching are experienced by some people after having sex.
  • Scientists identified this phenomenon as peri-orgasm.
  • Sneezing is the most common symptom of peri-orgasm among males.

Have you ever experienced giggling, sneezing, itching or twitching after making love with your partner?

If your answer is yes, you’re certainly not alone and scientists have actually identified this phenomenon as peri-orgasm. Scientists have described peri-orgasm as the uncontrollable psychological or physical sensations that many people experience after sex.

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Aside from the symptoms mentioned above, a person experiencing peri-orgasm may also have flu-like effects that can last for days, panic attacks, ear pain as well as a three-hour headache.

A report from the University of Maryland claimed that some people experience altered consciousness and even hallucinations.

Sneezing was identified to be one of the more common symptoms for males.

Experts believe that such behaviour is caused by misfires in the nervous system. Apparently, the parasympathetic nervous system send signals to the wrong places causing the symptoms to occur after intercourse.

“The diversity of the phenomena is notable, and they have little in common other than that they all relate to the physiology of orgasm,” the report concluded.

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