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Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals, The Most Advanced Ever!

As we all know, Rapoo is an award-winning brand that has strong R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing management. Established in 2002, the company adheres to a management philosophy that focuses on “people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation”.

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals

With the label that they’ve been working on, VPro is the premium gaming brand of Rapoo Gaming Labs. Also, it is a professional gaming brand under its company with a complete range of good quality and best value performance products, including gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and headsets.

Just like how a photographer needs well-functioning gears, and a painter needs stable brushes, gamers, too, have their needs. They are seeking for the best equipment they could get to help them make stronger players.

For gamers, gaming gears do not function as a decoration, it is their way to master their strategy, and just like any other sport, finding the best set of tools is a necessity for them to consistently perform at a high level.

Now, they’re launching #RAPOOxVPRO #WHYSOSERIOUS

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals
Held at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, Rapoo launches their new VPRO peripherals

Leading the lineup of VPRO Gaming Gear is the VPRO V810 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. With its stylish angular design coupled with high-grade materials and incredible built quality, the gaming keyboard stands out a great companion to gamers on their success.

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals
The VPRO V810 features full mechanical keys and conflict-free design for all keys.

Other available VPRO keyboard options include the V720, V500RGB AL, V700RGB AL, V500S AL, V500S-Crystal, V500L, V51S RGB, and V510.

Complementing the VPRO KEYBOARD is the VPRO range of Gaming Mouse led by the VPRO V310 Laser Gaming Mouse. The VPRO V310 boasts of Rapoo’s brand-new gaming chip V-power3, 32-bit ARM core, 60MHz running frequency and 1000 Hz USB report rate for a high-speed response. It also has a professional gaming optical engine with an image-processing rate of 12000 FPS. A 150-inch look and tracking speed and up to 1000 Hz USB report rate, ensures accurate tracking, anytime, anywhere.

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals
Save and play with its built-in memory to save your mouse configuration (macro, DPI setting and breathing light mode) in the game mode so you can use your settings on any computer.

Confidence is good, but control is a lot better, so choose from other VPRO gaming mice such as the V25S, V280, and V26 and choose the best one that fits your gaming style.

Completing the trio of essential gaming gear is the headset. A good gaming headset provides you a more immersive experience, but a great headset gives you the advantage allowing you to hear movements and audio cues of your opponent’s movements.

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals
Lastly, its over-ear design provides noise isolation and utilizes an intelligent suspension headwear that adapts to the length of gameplay hours.

The VPRO VH600 Virtual 7.1 Gaming headset features multi-function remote configuration free control; and intelligent VIB vibration unit that brings unparalleled shock experience. The Over-ear design provides comfort, noise isolation. Plus, the active dual microphone makes sure that you can easily and clearly talk strategies with your teammates without delay.

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals

Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals
Rapoo even showcases their VPro gaming gears at the event

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