Pope Francis shows common touch as he visits a Muslim family in Milan

Common Touch

Pope Francis visits muslim family
Pope Francis visits Muslim family

As the Pope Francis takes a trip to Italy‘s business capital to visit homes of working-class families, no one expected that it includes a Muslim household.

The pope showed the common touch as he skipped the city’s grand center to visit three small apartments, one of which is Milhoual Abdel Karim‘s house. He is a Muslim immigrant from Morocco who lives there with his three children and wife. Karim teaches Arabic in their place.

“It was very emotional. It was like having a friend in the house,” said Karim, a pharmaceutical factory worker.

Pope Francis visits muslim family
The Pope was offered gifts by the family

The pope was offered delicacies and gifts by the Muslim family, and the children even gave him a heartwarming drawing.

Pope Francis visits muslim family
Karim’s children offered drawings that surely melt the Pope’s heart

After visiting them, he dropped by on an elderly Italian couple’s house, both of whom have major health problems.

Written by Denis Santos

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