Netizen reveals bad relationship with Ex-Boyfriend who blocked her

Relationships are one of the reasons why people are able to get through every day, which is why break-ups are truly hard to handle especially when things didn’t end well.

Both parties end up hurting each other emotionally more than they intend to.

After a painful break-up, Micz Ramos posted her message publicly on Facebook last March 5, 2017 after her ex-boyfriend has blocked her.

“Di ko alam paano sisimulan to. So ayan di ko alam kung mababa moto kasi blinock moko. Masaya naman ako kase nanalo ako char. Di ko alam kung anong ginagawa mo kung asan ka kung kumain kna ba.

Sana ngayong malayo na tayo sa isat isa ikaw ang unang bumitaw ikaw yung unnang nangiwan.”

She wrote her message along with a collection of pictures they had back when they were still together.

Micz revealed all the major ups and downs that their relationship had encountered.

“Tanda mo nung nakipaginuman ka kina aniica? Dba sumuko nako nun? But anong ginawa ko tinangap padin kita. Kasi i know who and what you are oo babe fvckboy ka andami mo ng nakasex andami mo ng naging ex na babae pero anong ginawa ko i accept who and what you are.”

Although it is not easy for her, she tries her best to cope up and start a new without his ex-boyfriend.

“Pero ngayong wala na tayo i just want to say thankyou for everything sa hirap at ginhawa andyan ka sa tabi ko nung mga time andyan ako sa caloocan. Thankyou ☺️💕”

However, netizens reacted to her post and told her that she deserves someone better than him.

Still, she thanked the guy for all the good things he had done for her especially when she was in the midst of dark times. Their good time together were still something to treasure despite the ending of their relationship.

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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