Intelligent People Tend To Have Fewer Friends

Having a small circle of friends? Head’s up!

Intelligent people have fewer friends
Intelligent people have fewer friends | Photo from Youtube

Intelligent People = Fewer Friends

It is true. Psychological studies show that the more intellect you are, the fewer friends you gain. It is for the fact that the realer you are as a person, the less chance you get at having many friends.

Intelligent people have fewer friends
You value your friends, and you keep them tight

Here’s a list of reasons that may explain your tight circle:

You don’t feel the need to prove your worth to anyone

You’re happy with yourself–an independent and strong individual. You don’t rely on others, in fact, self-support is enough. You don’t need validation from social media sites and you really don’t care what others think of you.

Your future is envisioned

Let’s face it, you’re an old soul. You have already set your goals, if not yet achieved. Spontaneity is out of your vocabulary. People tend to think that you’re uptight, but in reality, you’re just sticking to your life plan.

You are verbally liberated

You have that liberty to express your own thoughts and ideas, and your actions might contrast those of your friends’. Having a strong mindset is not a problem for you. You are not bounded and always have something to bring to the table. Every single time, you think differently, and some might be bothered by it.

You can see through people

Usually, you detect people with a “try hard” persona, and you keep your distance to them. They irritate you. You feel like they are social climbers and they are not worthy of your precious time. You don’t need to get involved with this type of people just to be popular.

Fake catch-ups and small talks are not your ‘thing’

Admit it or not, you hate fake catch-ups and nonsense small talks. You prefer to spend more time alone than socialize with fake people. Trends and latest stuff don’t bother you, your interest does not focus on material things.

You’re a great listener

Talking less, and listening more–that’s what you are. You find time to sit back and observe everything around you. You see more to life than constant updates through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatnot. You’re a born observer.

You’re a threat to others

You don’t fear confrontations because you know you’re going to kill it. You’re not afraid to straight-up say the truth to anyone. You know your capabilities and tend to find friends that have the same.


You hate drama!

You don’t prey on it. The unnecessary dilemma that it brings irritates you. You know for yourself that you have enough drama and you don’t need more from anybody. You don’t feel the need to be accepted by others, think what they want, but you’re here to please no one.

Intelligent people have fewer friends

By the time you figured all these out, you have already worked out your real set of friends. You’re eager to find acquaintances, but you tend to keep your circle as small as it can be.

Because you believe that,

Less is more.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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