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Poser scammed Poor Guy and promised him a wedding

On March 6, 2017, a Facebook user named Carnilda Carpio was alarmed when she was messaged by a certain Herbert Panganiban Vergara, saying her photos were used by someone else.

According to Vergara, Lara Lauraine Laurente – the culprit, wanted to introduce him to another woman after knowing that he was brokenhearted just before 2016 ended. Laurente gave Carpio’s pictures to him and said that the woman’s name is Jennica Maricar Villaverde, a flight attendant. Laurente said that Jennica was abused by her ex-boyfriend and made up a few more stories to sum it up.

Lara Lauraine Laurente
                                         Lara Lauraine Laurente

Laurente also sends their conversation about Vergara to make it more believable for the poor guy.

Few days after, Laurente gave Vergara the phone number of Jennica, which was actually Laurente herself pretending to be someone else. Vergara and Jennica got along so well given that they communicate constantly through texts.

However, when Jennica’s birthday came, she said that she wanted a GoPro as a gift. Vergara bought the item for her and handed it to Villaverde’s cousin along with Laurente so they could send the GoPro Hero 5 to Villaverde.

Vergara got into a relationship with the pretentious woman quickly as she helped him move on from his ex-girlfriend whom he was with for eight years. Time passed by, and Vergara started to have doubts with Jennica.

The woman won’t do video calls with him for various reasons, and the pictures she sent him had cover, which is why he did an investigation himself. And soon enough, he found out that this Jennica Maricar Villaverde, doesn’t really exist. It was only a fake identity created by Laurente using Carpio’s pictures to trick him.

Laurente played this game for a while and even engaged Jennica to Vergara. She made inquiries to some establishments about wedding packages and even asked Vergara to open a joint account with him.

What’s more heartbreaking about it is that, Jennica had gotten close to Vergara’s family since she calls each one of them almost every day. The man felt bad after knowing the truth for the reason that he had already announced that he was getting married. He is also worried to break the news to his father who had just suffered from stroke.

Carpio clarified that she is not close to Laurente and often neglects her messages.

Carpio was able to confirm it, when she went through her past conversations with Laurente. She had asked her for a fan sign intended to be given to Herbert as birthday gift.

On the other hand, Carnilda Carpio was even more shocked when another Facebook user asks her if she was Maria Einjericka.

And once again, another user approached her for the same reason. Apparently, Laurente was selling off Carpio’s pictures with different identities.

In Carpio’s post, she warned everyone about Laurente’s modus.

After reading her post, the netizens urged her to file a case against the woman to teach her a lesson and make sure no one falls victim to this woman’s trap.

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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