Motel heir Ian King becomes a ‘trans woman’ with support of wife Joey Mead

MANILA, Philippines. Car enthusiast, businessman, and heir to the Victoria Court motel chain Ian King recently shocked netizens by coming out as a trans woman via social media on Saturday, July 2.

Using the name Angelina Mead King under the new Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_,  the trans woman husband of TV host and model Joey Mead King posted a photo of herself and Joey together.


She wrote in the caption of the photo: “My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You!”

The photo has amassed over 5,000 likes as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Joey on her Instagram account shared a photo with the caption: “Freedom.”

Although King still maintains the Instagram account @hailtothe_king, the Angelina account, which apparently documents her transition into a trans woman, has been active since 2012.

According to a report by Inquirer, King’s father Archie, who died in a helicopter crash in July 2015, was aware that his son was transitioning and was accepting of it. Meanwhile, King’s brother Atticus showed support by posting a photo on his Instagram account.


In the caption of the photo, he wrote: “Here’s a pic with my former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my “new” sister Angie @hailtothe_queen_ @kim_epil, @joeymeadking,” Atticus said.

Celebrities such as Bianca Gonzalez, Cesca Litton, Alma Concepcion, Iya Villania, Bubbles Paraiso, and Aubrey Miles as well as motoring journalist James Deakin gave their well-wishes to King.

Overwhelmed by the support she received following her announcement, King took to social media to thank everyone.

“What’s a dream, I couldn’t sleep from being so happy! Thank you to everyone for the love and support. You can’t imagine what kind of weight has been lifted off my heart. I am excited to see you all soon.”

King and Mead tied the knot in 2011.

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