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Why Ramon Magsaysay could the best Philippine president ever

3. Magsaysay made his government close to the people.

To prove his government is for the people, Magsaysay purposely opened the doors of Malacañang to ordinary citizens. During that time, people swarmed the official residence of the president and made its lawns their picnic grounds. Malacanang was even described then as a “miniature Divisoria,” a combination of market and cockpit. Magsaysay also established the Presidential Complaints and Action Committee (PCAC) to make sure that the complaints of the masses were taken care of.


4. Magsaysay was a role model for the youth.

Magsaysay was brought up by his parents to develop the virtues of humility, honesty, frugality, and love for hard work. At an early age, he was instilled with the importance of honesty and clean living, traits that he used in dealing with his peers.


5. Magsaysay shunned special treatment.

Because of his innate humility, Magsaysay refused special treatment and lived within the means provided by his government salary. Magsaysay shunned luxurious houses as he lived in a simple home and drove his own car. Magsaysay also refused to name towns, bridges, avenues, and plazas after himself.


6. Magsaysay banned nepotism and corruption.

A humble and principled man, Magsaysay hated corruption and nepotism. He banned his lawyer brother from accepting cases which involved the government. He also fired several high-ranking military officials of the Philippine Constabulary who were linked to corruption cases.

Ramon Magsaysay

*All photos taken from the official tumblr page of the Presidential Museum and Library

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