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Duterte tells women to accept philandering husbands and men to reject cheating wives

Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has once again brought up a “hot button” topic for critics and detractors: his womanizing tendencies and views about cheating.


During an April 28 campaign rally in Bataan, the Davao Mayor stated that he is not that different from the men (even mentioning clergymen) who attended the rally and made the following statements:

“Sus, karamihan ng mga lalaki dito mga gago. Lahat naman ‘yan pati pari.”

(“Most of the men here are jerks. Even the priests.”)

The Davao Mayor then addressed the women in the crowd on how to deal with their adulterous husbands.

“Sabihin ninyo, ‘Tang ina mo, basta wala kang dalang sakit.”

[“Tell them (the cheating husbands), ‘you son of a bitch, as long as you don’t have any (sexually transmitted) disease.'”]

However, when it is the husband’s turn to deal with adulterous wives, the Mayor advised them with.

“‘Pag babae ang nagloko, hiwalay ‘yan.”

(“When the women fool around, break up with them.”)

While many find the tough-talking Davao Mayor to be “crude” and “unbecoming” of a presidential candidate, Duterte has¬†revealed that his radical posture is to intentionally ¬†challenge the societal norms propagated by the ruling class and the elite.

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