Alma Concepcion recounts strange incident at Closeup Forever Summer concert

MANILA, Philippines. The mysterious deaths of five people at the Closeup Forever Summer Concert held on Saturday, May 21, at the parking grounds of SM Mall of Asia is still under investigation, but former actress Alma Concepcion’s Facebook post detailing a strange incident during the event may shed some light on the tragedy.

While the concert was ongoing, Ariel Leal, 22, Ken Migawa, 18, Lance Garcia, 36, Eric Anthony Miller, 33, and Bianca Fontejon (age not disclosed) were found unconscious in different locations at the venue. The National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) initial findings showed that Fontejon and Garcia died due to massive heart attacks caused by dehydration, kidney failure, and high blood pressure, which are signs of drug overdose. As of press time, investigators are looking at the angle that drug-laced drinks reportedly distributed at the concert caused the deaths of the concert-goers.

Forty-year-old former beauty-queen-turned actress Concepcion narrated a strange incident she witnessed at the event that involved some teenagers who “don’t look like first timers in taking ecstacy.”

“I saw the teenagers dancing, wearing shades, masks, chewing gums—they came in prepared with all the props. Masks, inhalers, lights , shades, bandanna to cover [their] face,” Concepcion narrated in her post.

A group of teenagers, whom Concepcion suspected had taken something else other than alcohol, danced for more than hour in front of them.

“Their eyes were rolling, teeth grinding, & they were dancing non stop for the whole hour (or more than). No liquids,” Concepcion recounted.

To Concepcion’s surprise,a girl from the group slowly collapsed with her eyes still open. The girl’s hand became stiff while hugging her boyfriend, prompting Concepcion to tell the group to go to the medics. As the boyfriend tried to take the girl out of the area, Concepcion saw that the girl’s legs stiffened together with her arms.

Concepcion ended her post with a warning for young people as well as parents.

“Never overestimate your bodies. To parents with teenagers like me, let this serve as a lesson to all of us and our kids.”


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