LOOK: Pinoys who made it to Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia

On Thursday, February 25, Forbes magazine released their 30 Under 30 Asia list.  The list “highlights and celebrates the work of young entrepreneurs and social leaders across Asia.”

Out of the 300 young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs on the list, 10 young Filipinos were honored including singer Charice Pempengco; artist Ronson Culibrina; photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani; retailer Koh Martinez Konozawa; consumer technopreneur Valenice Balace; inventor Amin Hataman; Solar Philippines founder Leandro Leviste; finance and venture capitalist Rachel de Villa; and social entrepreneurs Raphael Mijeno and Henry Motte-Muñoz.

Here are the 10 young Pinoys who made it to the prestigious list:

1. Charice Pempengco


The 23-year-old singer was listed by Forbes magazine among the 30 personalities who made it big under entertainment and sports category in Asia. In 2008, the talented diva was invited by Oprah Winfrey to appear in her show to sing Whitney Houston’s famous hit “I Have Nothing.” She became the second Filipino to rank on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after her first single “Pyramid” topped the Bllboard dance chart in 2010.

2. Ronson Culibrina

This award-winning artist deconstructs symbols, figures, and other elements to challenge people’s stereotypes. The Michael Janssen Gallery in Berlin is already representing the 24-year-old artist.

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