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Was student who bragged about stealing P45k from his parents just a victim of cyber bullying?

Just a few days ago, the story of a freshman maritime student gripped the web, stirring the anger of netizens who believed the words of a certain Eya Villarin. According to the post by Villarin, the student had bragged to his friend about stealing P45,000 from his parents just so he could have a good time with his girlfriend.

The story began with the student supposedly bragging about the P45k he stole from his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) parents. This guy allegedly told his friend that his parents sent him P75,000 for his tuition fees but he only paid the school P25,000, choosing to keep the rest of the money for himself.

Since his friend supposedly borrowed P5,000 from him, he was left with just P45,000. Asked what he would do with the money (which he allegedly showed to his friend in the jeepney), the young man had allegedly laughed and told his friend he would be bringing his girlfriend to some hotel to have a good time for 24 hours.

This post was taken down by Villarin a few days after she posted it Photo credit: Screenshot by RachFeed
This post was taken down by Villarin a few days after she posted it
Photo credit: Screenshot by RachFeed

The story had supposedly angered Villarin so much that she shared it on Facebook. The story quickly went viral, with thousands of people angrily bashing the young student for his selfish act.

A victim of cyber bullying?

With his face plastered all over the web, it only took a few hours before someone identified him by name.

Days later, netizen Irish March Bulactin Bernales posted a clarification on Facebook about the guy, who happens to be her cousin. She claimed that he was merely a victim of cyber bullying and that there was no truth to the story. Also, she said her cousin’s parents are not OFWs.

Photo credit: Facebook/Irish March Bulactin Bernales
Photo credit: Facebook/Irish March Bulactin Bernales

Bernales urged everyone to be careful with what they share or like online since such stories can easily be hoaxes.

No word yet if Villarin has responded to the cyber bullying allegations

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