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Iranian woman based in New York is a professional penis photographer

Photography is a multi-million dollar industry. There are professional photographers who specialize in different subjects like food, weddings, fashion, and almost anything that a camera can capture. However, there is one professional photographer who specializes in a really odd subject: penises.

soraya iranian photographer

Soraya Doolbaz is an Iranian woman who is based in New York who makes a living out of taking photographs of dicks. She dresses them up like dolls and even makes them wear wigs and miniature eyeglasses.

“I was born in Iran and now I live in New York. Back when I was single, I would get a ton of dick pics and my friends would get them, and we would show them to each other and some dick pics were better than the other ones, and I thought, ‘what if I took them with a professional camera?’ And then I was walking through a Walmart and I saw a couple of dolls. I just kind of put two and two together and thought I could create a personality out of penises.”

Soraya even has a “Dicture gallery” to showcase her works of art. They actually even served food shaped like dicks during the gallery launch last March 2014.

Still can’t believe it yourself? Watch the video below: (Warning: Explicit content)

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