Osang, Gallaga weigh in on director Cathy Garcia Molina’s alleged disrespect for extras

MANILA, Philippines. Days after a former Forevermore talent’s open letter addressed to director Cathy Garcia-Molina went viral, several members of the showbiz have expressed their opinion on the issue.

In the controversial open letter posted by Rosselyn Domingo on Facebook, the former cast member of the hit ABS-CBN primetime TV series accused Garcia-Molina of cursing and humiliating her boyfriend Alvin Campomanes during a taping for the phenomenal show in October 2014. Campomanes, a historian and educator at the University of the Philippines, agreed to be a substitute actor who played the minor role of Makoy when the actor who was supposed to take on the role became unavailable.

Hindi kasi kaya ng sikmura ko ang pagmumura niyo sa mga ekstra. Sagad sa buto. Napakasakit para sa akin na mura-murahin niyo nang pauli-ulit ang boyfriend ko sa harap ng maraming tao. Nakatatak sa alaala ko ang mga ngisi at tawanan ng mga staff at cameramen niyo kapag nagpapakawala kayo ng mga mura. Hindi niyo alam kung gaanong iginagalang ng napakaraming tao ang ‘ekstrang’ minura-mura at ipinahiya ninyo,” wrote Domingo.

(I couldn’t stand how you would curse at the extras. It was painful to see you curse my boyfriend over and over again in front of many people. I will never forget how the staff and cameramen would laugh every time you’d curse. You don’t know how well-respected the ‘extra’ you cursed and humiliated was.)

Domingo also published a copy of the letter of complaint she and Campomanes sent to ABS-CBN management. According to Domingo, instead of addressing the issue, one ABS-CBN boss told them to just understand the director as she was known for cursing on the set as a means of coping with work-related stress.

Garcia-Molina, the director behind the blockbuster films One More Chance and its sequel A Second Chance, has yet to release a statement about the issue.

Osang: Showbiz is not for the thin-skinned


Through a Facebook post, award-winning actress Rosanna Roces has expressed her support for Garcia-Molina stressing that showbiz is not for the thin-skinned.

Roces recounted the difficult experiences she endured with directors Mauro Gia Samonte, Chito Rono, and Armida Siguion-Reyna whom she credited for the kind of actress she is now.

Ang Showbiz ay hindi para sa mga Balat Sibuyas. Kami man ay nakatikim din nang katakut takot na panlalait at Pagmumura bago kami talagang natuto at naging Magaling. sino ba ang makakalimot sa mga Malalaswa at Nakaririmarim na Instruksyon ni Mauro Gia Samonte. Mga malulutong na Punyeta ni Chito rono ang kahindik hindik na presensya ni Armida Sigueon Reyna. ? Lahat ng yan ay Nakatulong para mahubog kung anong klaseng Artista ako ngayon. Napakahirap maging Direktor…sinubukan kong minsan katuwang ni direk Buboy Neal Tan at di ko na sinubukang muli. Grabe ang stress, Pressure at Pagod. di ko kaya,” Roces wrote.

(Showbiz is not for the thin-skinned. We also experienced received criticisms and curses before we learned and became good. Who would forget the obscene and disgusting instructions of Mauro Gia Samonte? The cursing of Chito Rono and the fearsome presence of Armida Sigueon Reyna? All of that helped hone me in becoming the kind of actress I am today. It’s very difficult to be a director. I tried to assist Director Buboy Neal Tan and I didn’t attempt it again. I couldn’t bear the stress, pressure, and fatigue the work entails.)

Roces said Domingo became too emotional about the matter and advised her not to enter showbiz if she can’t take the pressure.

Director Peque Gallaga expresses support for bit-players

PHOTO CREDIT: Interaksyon
PHOTO CREDIT: Interaksyon

Meanwhile, veteran director Peque Gallaga has shared Domingo’s open letter on his Facebook page Page Nelson Bakunawa to expose “pathological bullies” and express his support for extras.

“Sharing. Let the power of social media unearth these pathological bullies. And, of course, ABS CBN didn’t lift a finger to help, or to even address the issue,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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