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20 Japanese firms to transfer business investments to the Philippines in 2016

Twenty Japanese companies are proposing to transfer operations to the Philippines from China in 2016. Kicker Daily News reports that these Japanese investors say that the main reason for their relocation is the country’s manpower strength.

Photo Credit: Kicker Daily
Photo Credit: Kicker Daily

These Japanese companies are expected to establish operations in Batangas, Cavite, or Laguna. According to Francisco Ferrer, Philexport trustee, a number of these companies have already begun moving to the Philippines.

“There are renewed interests among the Japanese companies especially those that are located in China to transfer (their bases) from China to the Philippines or Vietnam or Indonesia,” said Ferrer.

Ferrer mentioned China’s rising labor wages and the outstanding characteristics of the Filipinos as the primary reason for the relocation of companies from Beijing to the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Manila Live Wire
Photo Credit: Manila Live Wire

Ferrer further said that while Japan is observing the policies of the government, they do not want unpredictable ones. Their essential requirement is still good, industrious workers and better infrastructure for the cheaper movement of products.

Each company is projected to invest between $20-M to $100-M and simultaneously generate as much as 25,000 additional jobs for the local industry.

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