Male con artist tricks man into marriage after pretending to be pregnant 

In order to convince a man to marry him, a male con artist surnamed Fang posed as a female Air Force officer and pretended to be pregnant.

After meeting Zhang Qiang (not his real name) on an online dating site in August 2014, Fang devised a clever plan to lure Qiang into becoming his lover and eventually husband. He even used a fake I.D. and hired actors to pose as his parents, whom he later introduced to Qiang.

chinese man marries pregnant man 2

According to Rocketnews24, Fang managed to engage in sexual relations with Qiang while keeping his true gender asecret. In no time, Fang was able to persuade Qiang to marry him after he claimed he was pregnant with his child.

During the course of Fang’s “pregnancy,” he was able to receive as much as 150,000 Yuan or $25,000 from his victim.

His evil scheme was apparently discovered by Qiang when Fang failed to give birth to their child in September.

It is reported that Beijing police have arrested Fang.

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