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Binay says he and Duterte are models of correct governance

Vice President Jejomar Binay said that he and Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are models of correct governance. This was in reaction to Duterte’s declaration that he would support Binay’s candidacy if his own presidential bid would be rejected by the Commission on Elections. In a previous statement, Duterte had said he would support Binay over his former friend, 2016 Presidentiable Mar Roxas.


According to an ABS-CBN news report, Binay said that he is thankful for Duterte’s vote of confidence. Moreover, Binay expressed good wishes for Duterte. According to Binay, he and Duterte have comparable track records and are competent to run for higher office. He also said that both of them had similar beginnings and that they are examples of correct governance in the executive department. Binay stated, “Kami ay models ng correct governance sa executive department.” (We are models of correct governance in the executive department).

Photo Credit: KickerDaily
Photo Credit: KickerDaily

Duterte and Roxas have been trading barbs ever since Roxas alleged that the peace in Davao City is a myth. Roxas’s remarks provoked Duterte to answer back and say that the real myth is Roxas’s Wharton School of Economics credentials.

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