The world’s first surviving septuplets are turning 18 years old

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey of Des Moines, Iowa had years of heartbreak as they tried and failed to have a baby. In 1996, they finally had one baby but thought it would be nice to have one more. After a series of fertility treatments, they finally received the best news ever: Bobbi was pregnant. But Bobbi was not just pregnant with one child or two—she had seven in her womb.

The doctors handling Bobbi’s case advised selective reduction to give the unborn babies a better chance at survival, but the Christian couple declined, saying they will “put it in God’s hands.”  It was “all or nothing” for the McCaugheys.

Thankfully, all the babies survived; though they had to be delivered nine weeks prematurely. They would soon be hailed as the world’s first surviving septuplets.

Photo credit: Explicit Gists
Photo credit: Explicit Gists

In the first few months of their lives, the babies received lots of media attention as well as various donations kind-hearted people who knew that their parents would have a hard time raising them without outside help. Donations included a van, a large house, nanny services, diapers, and full college scholarships to any state university in Iowa.

The couple also became inspirational speakers, often invited to pro-life events as they were vocal about their opposition to selective reduction. In many of these events, Bobbi has been known to declare, “Well, come to our house, and tell me which four I shouldn’t have had!”

Two of the septuplets have cerebral palsy, with one needing surgery to help keep his walking abilities yet the couple has no regrets that they kept all their babies.

Now years later, the septuplets turning 18 years old on November 19, 2015. They have different personalities and they look different (there were no identical twins in the set) but they definitely love being part of such a large group of siblings.

Written by Joy Adalia

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