VIRAL: Alma Moreno fails to answer Karen Davila’s questions about her senatorial bid

Celebrities who choose to leave the limelight in order to earn a seat in the government constantly face criticisms about their qualifications. After all, their ability to act in front of the camera doesn’t necessarily equate to their capacity to serve the public.

This is why former actress and United Nationalist Alliance senatorial bet Alma Moreno was invited to share her platform and plans on the ANC talkshow Headstart hosted by Karen Davila.

Initially, Moreno seemed to handle the interview well as she comfortably answered questions as to why she decided to run for the Senate.

However, when Davila threw a question she commonly asks political aspirants, Moreno began scrambling for words to say.

“If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy in the Senate?” Davila asked.

Ah, more on sa kababaihan (women)…” Moreno replied.

Davila followed up: “Like what?”

Boses ng kababaihan (the voice of women)… Magna Carta of Women…” Moreno explained.

The Magna Carta of Women is a law that already exists and Davila was quick to point that out. In defense, Moreno stressed that some aspects of the law have not been implemented.

Davila once again asked Moreno: “Like what?”

A seemingly clueless Moreno nervously laughed and replied: “Teka muna (Just a moment).”

During the interview, Moreno also revealed she supports the Reproductive Health Law yet she had some reservations.

As expected, the journalist asked her to talk about those reservations.

Kailangan pa bang sagutin (Do I need to answer that)?” Moreno replied.

“Of course. You’re running for the Senate,” Davila remarked.

Watch the video of the interview to see for yourself. The awkwardness starts at the 9:44 mark.

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