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Transgender man’s bloated belly turns out to be baby bump

Transgender Kayden Coleman was shocked upon learning that his growing tummy was not because of lack of exercise but because he was pregnant. And this happened almost ten years after he transitioned from being a woman.

Left: Kayden as a little girl / Right: Kayden today (via The Shady Coleman's Istagram/Facebook)
Left: Kayden as a little girl / Right: Kayden today (via The Shady Coleman’s Instagram/Facebook)

One day, the 29-year-old experienced a pain in his back and asked his then-boyfriend, Elijah, for a massage. He said, “It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach, but there was no pillow.”

He even joked about getting a pregnancy test, which to their surprise came back positive.

“I never thought about getting pregnant. Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility. It was definitely a surprise,” Kayden told Mirror.

He said the unexpected pregnancy came after he was told to take a break from using male hormones in preparation for his double mastectomy. He explained that “To have a mastectomy you have to be off hormones for six weeks.”

via The Shady Coleman's Istagram/Facebook
via The Shady Coleman’s Instagram/Facebook

Describing the baby bump, he admitted he was shocked and it took a while to process it. However, he was also busy figuring out how they could make things work in such a short span of time.

The couple started planning and turned their apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania into a home. Then in July 2013 they tied the knot.

Kayden was also forced to come out and tell those who did not know about him being a transgender, especially Elijah’s family. His husband said it’s such a personal thing that Kayden should tell himself. “When we found out Kayden was pregnant, we knew we had to tell them. How could we explain [about] the baby when she popped up after a couple of months?,” says Elijah.

The revelation wasn’t easy for the two as it caused a rift between Kayden and his husband’s family. Elijah even said in their YouTube video, “That was the most miserable months of my life.”

In December 2013,  Kayden labored for four days due to high blood pressure. And while in labor, he shared about feeling like an experiment saying “all medical students kept coming in and out. It got to the point where I had to put my foot down and demand a c-section.”

via The Shady Coleman's Istagram/Facebook
via The Shady Coleman’s Instagram/Facebook

After delivery, things were a little tough for them as Kayden suffered postnatal depression. He even had to quit his job to take care of their baby, leaving Elijah to work 10 hours a day to support them.

Now, things are getting better for them as Azalea, their daughter, is growing. The also got through their differences with their relatives. He describes their daughter as an awesome kid. “Very well-mannered. She’s very sensitive but also very much like both of us. Her favorite word is, ‘No!'”

via The Shady Coleman's Istagram/Facebook
via The Shady Coleman’s Istagram/Facebook

In a report by Daily Mail, Kayden said, “We are more than capable of loving our children just as much and just as efficiently as any other parent. Our children will not be any more confused or bullied about my being trans than any other kid is about something like having a single parent.”

 Featured image via The Shady Coleman’s Istagram/Facebook

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