Girl brags how she used connections to register to vote easily

With the registration to vote for the 2016 elections coming to a close on October 31, many citizens are flocking to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) offices all over the country to register. Most citizens have to stand in line to wait, but netizen Cindy Caspe was infuriated to see a Charm Evangelista brag on Facebook how she was able to register without any hassles in Mandaluyong City because she knew somebody who worked in COMELEC in their area.

Caspe shared how her aunt had to fall in line as early as 6 am just to register to vote while Evangelista proudly posted on Facebook how quick the process was for her.

Screen grab from Cindy Caspe
Screen grab from Cindy Caspe

Evangelista posted, “I’m now a voter. Mas mabilis talaga ang process pag may kapit deretso agad no need para pumila ng pagkahabahaba at mag hintay [I’m now a voter. The process is really quicker when you know somebody on the inside. No need to fall in line and wait.]” with the hashtags #advantage.

Naturally, many netizens reacted to Evangelista’s statement. Some noted how corrupt the Philippine government was that such incidents could happen. Others posted their frustration on how they had to endure hours falling in line and waiting while people like Evangelista did not have to wait at all.

Some also said that such things should not be posted on social media anymore, but since Evangelista had done so, she would have to reap the consequences of her bragging. Many even said that there should be an investigation regarding the matter and whoever helped Evangelista should be relieved of his or her duty.

How about you? Do you have any similar experiences or encounters regarding voters’ registration?

Written by KM Viray

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