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Touching photo of rain-drenched “Umbrella Dad” goes viral

Umbrella Dad” wins the internet after a photo of a man drenched in rain while holding an umbrella over his son was posted on social media. This dad, whose identity remains unknown, was photographed walking with his young son in the rain. Since they only had one umbrella, he chose to use it to protect his son from the rain even though this would leave him and his briefcase wet.

For this dad, his briefcase (and his work) might be important, but his son’s health and safety came first. Netizens said he could have easily carried his son so they could have fit under the umbrella, but one netizen pointed out that he could have been teaching the boy to put other people first.

First uploaded on Reddit by 25-year-old Eumine Choi (user Mystarbucknameismike), the touching photo was captioned, “What is love? Hope the son just grows up to realize how lucky he is… Pay it forward.”

Netizens are now looking for this father and son pair. The photo was shared on the Facebook page of Kon Wah Day School, whose name was printed on the child’s backpack. They just wanted the photo to reach the family so they will know just how much this shot touched the lives of other people across the world.

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Photo credit: Reddit/Eumine Choi
Photo credit: Reddit/Eumine Choi

Written by Joy Adalia

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