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#SmithStrong: Siblings Diagnosed with the Same Cancer

While most kids are hyper and love running all over the place, two of Will and Lacey Smith’s three kids spend hours in bed, tired; both have precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer most commonly found in children.

Five-year-old Liam was diagnosed with the condition two years ago, but the couple did not expect that one of their two-year-old twins, Emma, would also get the same disease. Their third child, Ella, often wonders why her siblings would not play with her as they are constantly in bed, too tired to move.

Ella, Liam and Emma Smith Photo credit: Lacey Smith/People
Ella, Liam and Emma Smith
Photo credit: Lacey Smith/People

Liam is wise for his age, perhaps due to the many grave things he had to undergo for someone so young. After learning that Emma was also suffering the same illness he has, the young boy quickly went to the girl and gave her tidbits of wisdom he learned from his own experience.

“Emma don’t eat too many of the animal crackers they give you because your tummy will hurt. Emma there’s a chair in a hospital room that mom will let you spin on, even though you’re not supposed to. Emma always wash your hands because germs are bad and you can’t get sick when you have leukemia!”

Photo credit: Lacey Smith/People
Photo credit: Lacey Smith/People

Lacey feels touched that her eldest is trying to be strong for his little sister.

Written by Joy Adalia

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