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It’s not your fault when you drop that stuffed toy in claw machines

Oh my God. Mom has always been right all this time! Never ever waste my lunch money on this claw machines in the games arcade near school. By the way, how did she know about it? Did she know the logic behind this all along? I bet not. I bet it’s just the oh-so-famous woman instinct. Certainly mom does not know this factual explanation that we will reveal to you via this video behind the “magic” of these claw machines…

Do you remember those times when the claw was all perfectly positioned, you pulled that little panda or teddy bear up and see the lovely toy in the air and then it drops the toy just before you could place it on the bin where you can claim it. Terrifying childhood experience isn’t it? LOL

Researchers said it’s not you. It’s the claw machine. It’s rigged and it’s programmed to break hearts.

For some curious reason, a writer/researcher from Vox website studied a couple of instruction manuals of these pesky machines. And then, he stumbled upon this “horrifying piece of information”:

“Simply input the coin value, the average value of the merchandise and the profit level. The machine will automatically calculate when to send full strength to the claw,” Vox reports.

It’s works like this: One game costs you 2 game tokens worth P10 each, so it costs the sorry kid 20 bucks. The stuffed/plush toy inside may range from P200, depending on the quality/brand… so if the claw machine owner wants to make a 50% profit (P400), the claw will be programmed to generate a full grip only after 20 games. Nasty, ha-ha!

claw machines plush toys

And wait, there’s more. The researcher also discovered this very special feature that left many kids really heartbroken with this game. There’s a feature on the manual that says “Dropping skill” of the claw. You are correct, it can be programmed to make you think you almost won. You know that very familiar scene, your prized plush toy almost there ready for grabs then it drops in mid-air.

Isn’t that so evil? Ha-ha!

Well, let’s just say it’s part of growing up. LOL

Watch video:

Well, tell us what you think about this article and the video. How do you feel now, pal? 🙂

Source: Vox and AOL

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