10 excuses why you cannot save money

Let’s face it. Saving money is one of those things that’s easier said than done.

Every payday, people seem to be so happy with their money that all plans of setting aside a portion for their future seem to fly out the window. For others who have financial duties, they’re just glad to hold on to their hard-earned salary for minutes before they have to pay the bills. And then there are those who budget their finances for each day, from food to transportation, but still end up broke before the next payout.

Maybe you have tried hard to build your savings, but whenever you check your bank account, you don’t understand why your current balance still makes you feel like crying because of how pitiful it is. Perhaps these ten excuses will help you identify the reasons why you cannot save money.

1. “The mall sales!”

via Shopaholic movie
via Shopaholic movie

Ever  notice that mallwide sales often happen every 15th or at the end of the month when most people get their paychecks? It’s because advertisers and marketers know the 50%-off tag on your favorite item will make you think you’re spending less when you buy it now. But honestly, how can you save up when they keep trying to get you inside the malls to spend your cash?

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