Bureau of Customs ruins another netizen’s package

Netizen Caloy Del Rosario posted photos of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) destroying another package sent via freight, this time ruining water chalk Del Rosario’s mother-in-law ordered from Kuwait.

Photo credit: Caloy Del Rosario
Photo credit: Caloy Del Rosario

Del Rosario’s mother-in-law purchased six sets of water chalk and had it delivered through freight. Del Rosario was furious to have discovered that the items were intentionally ruined because he suspected the BOC thought water chalk was an illegal substance. The items are actually designed for domestic use to be installed in water main or pipes to provide clean, safe drinking water that is free from pathogenic bacteria.

According to Doulton, the company which manufactures the product, “the HBA MKI is made of die-cast aluminium which is coated with a unique food quality polymer, whereas the HBA MKII filter is made of food grade performance plastics. Filtered water passes out through the outlet arm on the HBA unit.”

In other words, the product is simply a water filtration device.

Photo credit: Caloy Del Rosario
Photo credit: Caloy Del Rosario

Del Rosario asked other netizens to help spread the word so that the incident may reach authorities. He pitied overseas workers and dependent families who go through so much to send imported items only for them to arrive ruined and mutilated.

Written by KM Viray

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