UPDATED: Korean man treats an elderly woman to a meal in Baguio City

Kindness knows no color, status or race. That’s what today’s story is about, an unnamed Korean man extended help to a hungry and poor elderly woman in Baguio City.

In a post by Hillary Aguada on Facebook on August 12, 2015. She encountered a generous Korean man who paid for the meal of an elderly woman whom he just met that night.

According to Hillary, while she was inside the KFC branch on Session Road, Baguio City, she saw an old woman wearing ragged clothes and worn-out slippers enter the fast food chain. The old lady seemed hesitant, perhaps unsure of how she would pay for a meal. She was then prompted by the cashier to place an order which she did. When the cashier asked for payment, the Korean man, who had just finished ordering his own food, stepped in and paid for the woman’s meal.

Overwhelmed by the man’s kind gesture, Hillary tapped him on his shoulder and wished him blessings. But the kindness did not end there. The Korean man sat down with the elderly woman and ate his own meal with her.

Photo screen-grabbed from Hillary Aguada's Facebook Page
Photo screen-grabbed from Hillary Aguada’s Facebook Page

As of this writing Hillary’s post has gone viral and has over 11,000 shares. Truly, kindness goes a long way.


On August 18, 2015, the viral photo was featured in Umagang Kay Ganda. The Korean was identified as Jeong Tae Gu, a student from the University of Baguio. According to Jeong, he paid for the old lady’s meal and ate with her because she reminded him of his grandmother.

Watch the video here:

Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.

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