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Ryan Bang releases new music video on his birthday, hopes to become next Psy

TV personality, comedian, and reality star Ryan Bang (real name Bang Hyun Sung) released a new music video on his birthday.

Entitled “Shopping”, the new music video stars Ryan and some of his famous friends like fellow host Eric “Eruption” Tai, YouTube sensation Donnalyn Bartolome, heartthrob James Reid, and comedian Jayson Gainza.

The music video’s premise revolves around a young man who wins the jackpot at a casino. As with many others who get money this way, the young man spends all of his winnings on luxury items.

To make the music video as authentic as possible, everything was shot inside Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Ryan admitted that he wants the video to go viral, perhaps becoming the next YouTube big hit just like Psy who has the world’s most popular YouTube video so far, “Gangnam Style”. He also revealed that the music video will not be available for sale, but will be exclusively for YouTube.

Check out the video here:

The video is really reminiscent of Psy’s style, including the dance moves and style, music beat, and simplistic lyrics (with “I love shopping” being repeated). We sure hope Ryan’s video will be a huge hit like Psy’s “Gangnam Style”; though based on YouTube statistics, it still has just a little over 350,000 views around four days after it was posted on the site by Skinny Fat Boy Productions.

Still, even if it can’t be as popular as “Gangnam Style”, there’s still hope that this one will become a viral hit worldwide. Let’s wait and see…

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