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CBCP: Pari ‘Koy Exorcism episode misleading to viewers

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) advised GMA 7’s producers and writers of their religious show Pari ‘Koy to be careful not to mislead its viewers in showing Catholic teachings especially when it comes to exorcism.

According to CBCP News, Fr. Daniel Estacio said the Pari ‘Koy Episode which showed its lead star Dingdong Dantes pleading with a demon is misleading to viewers.

Fr. Estacio, who is one of the six exorcists of the Archdiocese of Manila, referred to the episode where Dantes said to the evil spirit, “Maawa ka na sa kanya… Ibalik mo na siya sa kanyang ina (Please have mercy on him. Please return him to his mother).”

On June 19, 2015, Fr. Estacio said in his lecture that to portray evil spirits as merciful would be misleading.

“The episode sends a wrong message that we can plead with the demon, as if it has mercy and compassion.”

Fr. Daniel Estacio delivering a lecture on Exorcism and Spiritual Warfare. Photo Credit: CBCP News
Fr. Daniel Estacio delivering a lecture on Exorcism and Spiritual Warfare.
Photo Credit: CBCP News

Fr. Estacio further stated that a priest-exorcist should not make a plea or request to the evil spirit.

“When a priest-exorcist performs an exorcism and expelling demons, he is not and should not make a plea or request the demon to leave but rather command the demon or evil spirit with authority using the name of Jesus.”

The priest also said that such inaccuracy may lead its viewers to think that man can have a harmonious co-existence with the devil.

A warning

Fr. Estacio said that GMA 7’s Pari ‘Koy  producers and writers  should consult Catholic religious doctrines so they will be properly guided. He also said that the wrong belief about the devil leads many young people into engaging in Satanism and creating pact with the devil.

“This is why, many nowadays especially the youth are engaging [in] Satanism and having pact with the devil, believing that we can relate with the devil.”

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