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LOOK: Mom gives braised mice dish to daughter for breakfast

If you have an adventurous palate, then you might want to give braised mice a try.

A young woman from Fujian Province in China courageously finished a bowl of braised mice prepared by her mom and even posted a photo of it. Apparently, the woman identified as “Miss Chen” was forced by her mother to finish the bowl of mice after seeing her looking stressed out.

Considered highly nutritious, mice is a local delicacy in western area of Fujian province. Moreover, residents of Fuzhou in Fujian Province believe eating of mice can be useful in combatting hair loss.

For Miss Chen’s family, one mouse is as nutritious as three chickens.

Initially, Miss Chen declined to eat the exotic meal prepared by her mom.  But the young woman’s mother insisted she consume the dish for a nutritious boost.

As gross as it may sound, Miss Chen ate the dish to please her mother who exerted a lot of effort preparing it.

Speaking to People’s Daily Online, Miss Chen said:  “My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice. She said it’s hard work.”

Although eating of mice is quite popular in China, experts have warned about the dangers of consuming rodents.

School of Life and Science at Fujian University Lecturer Chen said mice are carriers of germs that can potentially harm humans.

Would you dare taste this dish?

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