10 things men find unattractive in women’s appearances

As picky most women are when it comes to their appearances, men are the same way as well. While they don’t speak up much about it, men also actually get down to the tiniest details when observing women: their outfits, perfume, and makeup. The same thing for men, women’s appearances actually still matter.

But just what are these things that men see that may be a turnoff? Women’s Life lists them down:

Intricate hairstyle

Most men don’t appreciate hair that takes hours and a ton of hair goop to style. The pot calling the kettle black? While that may be so, most men seem to prefer women have natural-looking hair. It’s far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays, and other hair products.

Heavy foundation

Foundations are supposed to be a secret from men. It should hide fine lines, blemishes, and little flaws and make your skin look healthy and smooth. However, if you’ve got layers caking  your face, you better think again. The guys will just spend the night wondering what’s underneath all that gunk.

Glittering eyelids


If you are not a professional makeup artist or a singer on stage, avoid using glittery and shimmery eye shadow. You don’t want to look drag-licious.

Heavily mascara-ed lashes

Too much mascara clumps your lashes. There goes your chance at making beautiful goo-goo eyes. If you can’t invest in a good quality mascara and lash combs, it’s better to just leave your lashes the way they are.

Badly shaved body

Whether you like it or not, men prefer smooth skin to touch and caress. They associate a smooth body to a clean body and is a telltale sign about your hygiene. Your makeup can be perfectly applied, but if you’ve got hairy armpits… Well, good luck with that.

Dry skin

Again, it’s about the touching and the caressing. Rough elbows or heels are turnoffs as well.

Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth

Yellowish teeth and bad breath will never attract the opposite sex. Whether you blame it on your love of coffee and wine or smoking or simply bad hygeine, do your best to solve the problem as soon as possible, for your own good as well.

Wrong Lip Liner

If you use lipstick and lip liner, most likely after eating, only lip liner will stay on your lips. Men don’t exactly like seeing a cartoon-like lip shape on the mouths of their dates. Either find perfect matches of lippies and liners or just slick on a little lip gloss.

Too much fragrance

Perfume is created to help you express your individuality. But too much of a good thing is never right. A drop of your favorite scent is enough to make a man pay attention to you, the same way a drop of his perfume is enough for you. It’s never a good idea to go walking around smelling like a perfume factory.

Public grooming

Women groom themselves on a daily basis, they get it. Men do not want to know or see how women make themselves attractive. This ruins their illusion. All major makeup procedures should be performed at home, not in public. Besides, do you really want people to see you hiding your flaws?

For those who may or may not agree with this, just take a chill pill. Even though many won’t admit to it, we make judgments on the people we date based on appearances. It’s only after we become attracted to someone that we figure out further if we’re truly interested in him or not.

What about you? What things do you find as turnoffs?

Photos from Women’s Life website. 

Written by KM Viray

Government employee from 8 to 5. Writer in between hours. Mom all day everyday.

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