Photographer slammed for calling client ‘ugliest bride I’ve ever photographed’ on Facebook; claims he was hacked

Photos help chronicle special moments in our lives, allowing us to reminisce and remember them whenever we see these captured images.

But what if you’re unsatisfied with your wedding photos and your photographer decides to retaliate by dubbing you the “ugliest bride I have ever seen”?

Thirty-year-old Ashlea Howard had that unpleasant experience when a photo of herself and her husband Daniel Howard was posted on photographer Lee Maxwell Judd’s Facebook and was accompanied by the caption, “Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Winged the whole time Bridezilla #1.”

The new Mrs. Howard said of the incident, “It was really disgusting, I was absolutely mortified at his behavior, it was just unacceptable.”

Mrs. Howard said she was disappointed with most of the 1,200 pictures taken of her wedding, which according to her were overexposed, had blurred backgrounds, and contorted faces. The photographer replied saying it was a “creative style”.

Ashlea, 30, said it was totally "unacceptable" after the bride learned the photographer called her "ugly" and a "bridezella". Photo from:
Ashlea, 30, said it was totally “unacceptable” after the bride learned the photographer called her “ugly” and a “bridezella”.
Photo from:

The pair hired Lee Maxwell Judd for their outdoor wedding in Bendooley Estate, Berrima, NSW last February 21, 2015, for Australian $1,500.

Mrs. Howard said that the photographer was acting a little strange while capturing photos, like taking “random quick shots,” but she didn’t totally expect the bad quality of his photos.

“He was definitely one of the cheaper photographers but now I know why. He was acting like some artsy-fartsy creative, it was just a bit bizarre,” she said to Daily Mail Australia.

Mrs. Howard said the problem started when she tried to get the photos, which the Sydney photographer had placed in a USB stick and had given to a different woman also named Ashey, who had once inquired about his services.

“She had all my photos and I called him and he said he had sent them when he hadn’t.

“I had been holding my breath every day to get those photos.

“The only thing I wanted was a few nice photos and one big photo to put in my bedroom above my bed.”

Little did the couple know the dismay that awaited them after seeing the 'bizarre' photos.Photo from:
Little did the couple know the dismay that awaited them after seeing the ‘bizarre’ photos.Photo from:

She said Maxwell Judd also insisted that he had spoken to her mother on the phone, double-checking if the finished photos were sent to the right address. Mrs. Howard then informed the photographer that her mother had died when she was 13 years old, which prompted Maxwell Judd to abruptly hang up the phone,

She then received a message from the photographer informing her the other “Ashley: needed her address so she could send the USB to her.

Mr. Maxwell Judd claimed that the Facebook post where he called Ashlea a “bridezilla” was written by hacker.

He explained in a Facebook post, “Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening. For those that have joined in on the insults and trash talk I really pity you people. You [embarrassed] yourselves and have shown your true colors. I could have removed this page after the first comment but I chose to leave it up so others can see who you are and also have pity on you. Since the hack I have had a few hundred new likes. I am booked out till 2019 with a wedding photography and all of my clients have paid 50% deposits. Most of my clients have messaged me with [their] support and encouragement. For those adding negative [reviews], keep them coming. They only promote my business for the better.”

Mrs. Howard added, “He said his account had been compromised and then after that he wrote some crazy things.

“I’ve sent the photos to a professional photographer who is having a look at them to give me honest feedback to see if they’re good or if a refund is warranted.”

Speaking with Daily Telegraph, the photographer reaffirmed that he had been hacked.

“I don’t even know anything about that post,” he told the publication.

“Not long after the hacking started to happen I just unpublished the page and I haven’t bothered to even go there.”

For her part, Ashlea said of the ordeal, “My only goal is to make sure no other brides (go through this).”

NOTE: Lee Maxwell Judd has claimed that Ashlea Howard apologized to him for all the media attention that the matter has raised, saying that she only wanted to resolve the issue. Maxwell Judd replied by posting a screenshot of Mrs. Howard’s message along with the caption, “Thanks Ashlee. I do not appreciate your apology and not too many hard feelings. I do not forgive you.”

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