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Fact: Men’s Beards Can Be As Dirty As Toilets

Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo, Chuck Norris, and Christopher de Leon. What do they have in common? Aside from being popular actors in Hollywood and in the Philippines, these actors sport a beard. They say having a beard makes someone more manly, but, science says it’s even much worse.

In a feature report by KOAT 7, their study revealed that these “manly” beards actually have the bacteria we find in feces. They took swab samples from bearded men and found different kinds of bacteria in the samples.

John Golobic, a microbiologist, said that the bacteria found in the samples are enterics. Enterics are bacteria found in the human and animal intestines. He also mentioned that those bacteria won’t actually make one sick. However, if these bacteria were found in the water system, they would have to be shut down to be disinfected.

On a final note, Golobic recommends thorough beard scrubbing, lots of handwashing, and to keep away one’s hands from their bearded faces.

So, you’d like to be Brad or Mark and look manly? Think of what might grow into your beard!

Still can’t believe your beard’s as dirty as a toilet? Watch this video.

Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.

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