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Hooray for Today’s McDonald’s McMuffin Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It is said to be the energy starter for the day. And McDonald’s is an advocate to providing everyone awesome breakfasts for everyone to enjoy as they jump start their day. And because March 9th is National Breakfast Day, McDonald’s will be giving away the classic Egg McMuffin, a breakfast favorite in many parts of the world, which packs in a delicious and filling meal in one convenient handheld sandwich. McDonald’s is now gearing up to highlight the importance of having breakfast intended to highlight most households looking to skip this meal. The quick service food chain now will observe the National Breakfast Day on March 9, 2015. It will give away free McMuffins to those visiting the restaurant during breakfast hours.

According to McDonald’s standards, there should only be one target color for all Muffins. But what is McMuffin? The Egg McMuffin is made with high quality ingredients from its freshly cracked Grade A eggs, lean Canadian bacon, melted cheese, and toasted English muffins.


Here’s some fun McMuffin facts according to Apples and Dumplings:

  • The McMuffin is an iconic breakfast favorite that is loved by millions around the world.
  • McDonald’s ensures that McMuffins are prepared fresh and made with quality ingredients.
  • The Egg McMuffin is a classic favorite breakfast menu-favorite. Made with quality ingredients – freshly cracked Grade A egg, lightly grilled Canadian Bacon and melty American-style cheese in between warm perfectly toasted English Muffins, it is a great handheld morning meal that can be eaten while going to work or school.
  • The Sausage McMuffin is made with juicy and savory all-beef sausage and melty American-style cheese in between warm perfectly toasted English Muffins. Also available is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, for those who want an extra serving of morning protein and energy.
  • The McMuffin story started in 1970, when a legendary McDonald’s franchise named Jim Delligatti, who was still fresh from his success in developing the Big Mac, began experimenting with simple breakfast items to bring more business during breakfast hours.
  • The McMuffin as we know it today came in the late 1971 on the vision of Herb Peterson, who modified an Eggs Benedict Sandwich. He combined a slice of cheese with a hot egg, producing the exact consistency he was aiming for. Peterson also invented the “Egg Ring”, a creative cooking utensil to form the eggs in the shape of an English Muffin. He complimented the egg and muffin with grilled Canadian bacon to create the iconic sandwich that has made McDonald’s a favorite breakfast destination.

One Egg McMuffin contains 290 calories and a limited amount of the nutrients essential to a healthy diet. The Egg McMuffin is a sandwich of egg, processed American cheese, Canadian style bacon and liquid margarine, stacked on an English muffin. This sandwich contains 12 grams or 19 percent of the recommended daily value of fat and 5 g or 24 percent of the daily value of saturated or unhealthy fat. Most of this is found in the egg and processed cheese. It does not however, contain any trans fats. This sandwich has particularly high cholesterol and sodium contents. Containing 260 mg of cholesterol, an Egg McMuffin accounts for 87 percent of the daily value of cholesterol. The Egg McMuffin also contains 820mg or 34 percent of the daily value, or DV, of sodium. If eaten regularly, foods that are high in cholesterol, like the Egg McMuffincan, increase the risks of having a heart attack. The high sodium content also contributes to the risk of a heart attack. A diet heavy in sodium can cause blood pressure to rise, and high blood pressure is a risk factor for a heart attack.

While the Egg McMuffin contains large amounts of sodium and cholesterol, it is not devoid of nutrients. The Egg McMuffin contains 20 percent of your DV iron and 30 percent of DV calcium, which, according to the FDA, are high levels of these nutrients. However, the Egg McMuffin has more limited amounts of other healthy and essential nutrients. Containing only 10 percent DV of vitamin A, 8 percent of DV fiber, and no measurable vitamin C, the Egg McMuffin is not an adequate source for these nutrients.

By starting the day with a healthy breakfast, adults are more likely to get the vitamins and minerals they need, control their weight, lower their cholesterol and find themselves more productive and better able to concentrate throughout the morning.

“Through the National Breakfast Day, we are once again giving Filipinos, along with breakfast lovers around the world, a delicious reason to wake up to better mornings and better days ahead. All these start with a good breakfast, which McDonald’s serves to millions of customers daily,” said Kenneth S. Yang, McDonald’s Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Monday mornings never looked so good! Don’t miss out on FREE McMuffin sandwiches this National Breakfast Day! McDonald’s crew are waiting! Celebrate National Breakfast Day at McDonald’s to make you say “Hooray for Today”!

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